How Do You Know When Your Pet Dog Becomes Sexually Active?

Knowing when your dog becomes sexually active is the key to manage your pet’s re-productivity. If you have a pet dog, you will want to know this thing in advance so that you can manage your dog behavior properly.

Male puppies usually show the sexual behavior at the very young age, although it is only limited to the mounting behavior. The mounting behavior may disappear for sometimes, but it will come again when they hit puberty age. The mounting behavior can occur from 5 months ago.

Meanwhile, female dogs have their first heat between 5 and 12 months of age. Small breed dogs tend to be earlier in their first heat. Some big dogs breeds will not start the heat cycle until they are 18 to 24 months of age.

So, how do you know your pet dog when becoming sexually active?

It is not hard to notice such behaviour. We will discuss it briefly in this article.

Dog sexual behaviors

Male Dog Puberty Age

Both small and big male dogs are almost similar to the puberty age. You can see the adolescence behaviors when they reach 6 to 14 months old. The hormonal changes will significantly change during the puberty. You will also see significant behavior changes in your male dog sexually active. We will explain it further later.

Female Dog Puberty Age

As mentioned, female dogs can reach their puberty in their 5 months age. That includes the puberty in bigger female dogs too. However, big female dogs tend to be open to mate between 18 to 24 months although they go through puberty in their 5 months age.

Female dogs have what is called as the stage of the reproductive cycle. Its name is Estrus. In this stage, the female dogs can get pregnant. The other term to describe this productivity is the dog in heat or season. The puberty age of female dog can vary depending on the breed.

When Do Male Puppies Become Sexually Active

Most male dogs reach the reproductive maturity when they are approximately seven months old. Not to mention that at this stage they can mate with any female dog. It is just one month after the common maturity age of the female dogs.

But smaller breeds usually attain the maturity of reproductive much quicker than larger breeds. However, it is very relative depending on the hormone of the dogs.

The sexual activity of the male dog can be noticed easily. When your male dogs reach this, you can notice it through their unusual behavior. For instance, the male dog sexually active in mounting their friends, regardless their friends’ gender. We will explain it deeper later.

When Does a Female Dog Become Fertile

The female dogs can become fertile as soon as they reach the puberty age. As mentioned before, the cycle of fertility is called as heat cycle.

Normal female dogs reach the puberty age when they are six months. But smaller female dogs can reach the stage as early as four months of age. 

But the larger dogs come into heat cycle for the first time after 2 years. The female dogs become fertile in about twice a year or every six months. However, it can vary from one breed to other breeds. When the first cycling begins, there are many variations of the cycle period of time. Smaller female dogs come into heat cycles more often than larger breeds.

So, what is the heat cycle?

The heat cycle is the puberty or dog sexually active of the female dogs occur firstly in their six months of age. In this cycle, the female dogs are fertile and ready to mate with the male dogs.

But although they are ready to mate, the willingness to mate is a different case. Not all female dogs want to mate although they become fertile. Usually, female dogs only become sexually open in the first cycle., which is around 7-10 days.

Video of Dogs' Sexual Behaviour

Male Dog Puberty Behavior

When male dogs hit the puberty, there is a significant increase in their testosterone. They are not yet adult, but they are going to change so that the drastic change in the hormone affect them so much. As the owner, you should be able to spot the behavior change of your male dogs to manage their re-productivity.

Some of the male dog puberty behavior when the dog sexually active are:

  • Poor attention span
  • Marking
  • Roaming
  • Mounting
  • Chewing
  • Aggression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Wariness

All these signs can be noticed when the male dogs are 5 or 6 months old. However, the most significant signs of the male dog sexually active are the spraying, mounting, and humping behaviors.

Larger dogs are linked to the aggression and worries. Smaller dogs tend to mark here and there. 

Female Dog Puberty Behavior

Basically, the female dogs exhibit the same behaviors as the male dogs when they reach puberty. And the behavior change will last for around 21 days. In the most fertile day, your female dogs can be stinky because of the swells and sweat.

You will also notice that your female dogs sweat more often than before. It is because they are much more active. When you notice the behaviors changes as mentioned, you should be really vigilant about closing your doors and gates since there’s a chance the male dogs sneak into your house to mate with your female dogs.

Dogs' Sexual Behaviour

When is a Male Dog too Old to Breed

The answer can be relative. The bigger breeds sexually active in their older years. It can be between ten to twelve years. Smaller breeds, on the other side, are too old to breed when they reach seven or eight years of age.

But you should also consider about the sperm quality that can decrease as the time goes by. That’s when you need to decide to stop breeding your male dog for his health’s sake. In addition, you are suggested to stop the breeding if your male dog has health issues. It can worse his conditions.

When is a Female Dog too Old to Breed

Female dogs tend to have shorter breeding span. The bigger breeds are too old to breed when they reach 8 years old. But they are still sexually active at that age. The smaller breeds tend to be old to breed in 5 years of age.


Knowing your dog sexually active behaviors is not difficult at all. You just need to pay attention to certain signs to control your dogs’ re-productivity. The challenges can be higher if you take care both male and female dogs. But knowing the pivotal things above, you will know what it takes to treat your dog’s well.

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