Best Dog Crate Covers 2017

Dog crate covers help to give your dog that personal space, the needed alone and quiet time that we all need. Dog kennel covers are also nice for night time helping your furry family member to calm down and relax from the day.

Insulated dog crate covers help to protect from the frigid temperatures while out hunting or camping. A dog crate cover is also good for creating darkness, so they are able to sleep when it's light. The Dog crate covers look nicer than just a blanket thrown over.

The Dog crate covers look nicer than just a blanket thrown over the top of the crate. There are several  dog crate cover pattern and different types of pet crate covers available for many different needs. They are available in polyester dog crate cover, cotton dog crate cover, Indoor/Outdoor dog crate covers, Insulated kennel covers, designer, and even a cabana style dog cage cover.

Wait for a minute before you read product review take a look at a glance our dog crate covers  comparison chart-

Top 7 Dog Crate Covers Comparison Chart

Product Picture

Product Name




Dog Crate Covers

3 Piece Dog Crate Cover Set includes Crate Pad, Crate Cover, and Bumper by Pet Dreams

30- Inch

32- Inch

42- Inch





Pet Dreams Crate Cover

Pet Dreams Plush Crate Cover

24- Inch

36- Inch

42- Inch




Sege Green

MidWest Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

MidWest Wire Dog Crate Covers in Heavy-Duty Cotton / Polyester Blend Featuring Teflon Fabric Protector

22- Inch

24- Inch

30- Inch





Brown Geometric Pattern


Gray Geometric Pattern

Sofantex Heavy Duty High Quality Crate...

Sofantex Heavy Duty Crate Cover 

30- Inch

36- Inch

48- Inch


molly mutt crate cover

Molly mutt dog Crate Cover






Bleecker Street

Cross roads

I don't like Mondays

Lady in red

Land slide

New Theory

Night Swimming

Romeo & Juliet


The Boxer

Title Treak

Wild Horses

You hand in mine


Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover 




External: 32.5" x 21.5" x 23.5", Internal: 30" x 19" x 21" and Door: 15" x 13"

Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover Color

Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover


Large Standard

Large Extended



Max 4

How to Choose Best Dog Crate Covers

Choosing the best dog crate can be a decision, Choosing a cover can be even more of a decision, depending on the location of the crate. Whether it is inside or outside, what area of the home, or if you do a lot of traveling or are away from your home for long periods of time. A dog is still a member of your family, and you want them to feel loved and cared for, you want the best dog crate, you want the best crates cover fog dogs , one that will make them feel comfortable and not alone or unloved.


If it is in the living room, a high traffic area, you may want something more stylish and appealing. There are even some that blend in as a part of your living room, the wood dog crate covers, can be-be nice for your pet and act like a table. Dog Cage Covers can be less attractive when placed in the bedroom.

However, if your furry little guy spends a lot of time outside you may want to consider getting him and Insulated dog crate cover. The Insulated Kennel covers can provide more warmth for outside times. Areas with warmer weather, but more rain, may just be able to get away with a waterproof dog kennel cover.

Stationary or Moved

When choosing pet crate covers it should be taken into account on whether or not you will be moving the cage from room to room or if it will remain in a single room. If you are moving it, then you will want to be sure the dog cage cover you select will be easy or difficult to take on and off, if the crate folds up for easy moving.

Traveling or away from Home

If you do a lot of traveling, or are gone for many hours at a time you are going to want to make sure your dog is still feeling loved and cared for. Dog crate cover pattern are also available in styles that would provide that comfort, even with the matching bed.

3 Piece Dog Crate Cover Set includes Crate Pad, Crate Cover, and Bumper by Pet Dreams

Dog Crate Covers

Pet Dreams Classic Crate Wear Set is ideal for easy on, easy off application. They are machine washable, even though the Pet Dreams Classic doesn’t seem to dry easily.

These include a bumper on the inside for your dog's protection within the cage. They are held together simply by velcro.

Pet Dreams crate wear set different available sizes like:  30,32,42 inch dog crate cover.


*It is Machine Washable and Dryable.
*This dog kennel cover comes in a three piece set.

*Stylish crate covers, available four colors. 
*It features twelve to fifteen-inch bumpers for protection on the inside.


*There is not enough velcro to hold it in place.

*Can be easily chewed off.

*There have been some complaints about getting this pet crate cover to dry.

*They can easily slip through the crate.

Pet Dreams Plush Dog Crate Cover

Pet Dreams Crate Cover

They are widely popular due to their easy to assemble and a large selection available, in both color and size. They are extremely lightweight and easily removable.

Available sizes:

  • 24 inches 
  • 36 inches 
  • 42 inches


*It is available in a three piece set.

*It is a three piece set.

*Available in a verity of colors.

*Available in different sizes and fits different brand crates.

*Comes with training material (a brochure).


*This pet crate cover is thinner than expected.

*The stitching is reported to come out after only a couple of washes.

*Could be destroyed by chewing dogs.

*They can easily slip through the crate.

MidWest Wire Dog Crate Covers in Heavy-Duty Cotton / Polyester Blend Featuring Teflon Fabric Protector

MidWest Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates

Midwest Dog Crate Covers are lightweight and suited for travel and superfluous moving.
They are lightweight and ideal for fold-up crates or crate which you would move from room to room. Midwest crate covers for dogs are also good for traveling due to the ease of assembly.

Midwest Crate covers are available also different colors and various sizes.

Video Review of Midwest Dog Crate Covers 


*Midwest Crate Covers are available in multiple sizes.

*They are lightweight for easy storage and travel.

*The Midwest Crate Cover is Easy on and Easy off.

*They are easily adjusted.

* One year Manufacturer's Warranty


*They can get too warm.

*The Midwest Crate Cover is easily chewable.

*They can easily slip through the crate.

Sofantex Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cover

Sofantex Heavy Duty High Quality Crate...

Sofantex Heavy Duty Dog Crate Covers are waterproof and come with a three-year warranty.

These Heavy Duty crate covers for dogs are considered to be waterproof, making them friendly for outdoor use.

It’s also come different sizes and only one color.


*It’s machine washable.

*Can be used with access to one, two, or three door crates.

*Comes with a three-year warranty.

*It is Heavy enough not to be pulled through the crate.


*Strong odor has been reported, may need a couple of days to air out.

*It is considered waterproof, however, should be used under a covered patio.

Molly-Mutt Dog Crate Cover

molly mutt crate cover

So many options are available for the Molly-Mutt Kennel covers. They are stylish and useful, fitting to go with any home decor.

Molly-Mutt Dog Crate covers are available in many different colors and designs, perfect for matching your home décor.


*This pet crate cover is available in many different patterns and colors.

*The panel will roll up and down easily, with snaps to hold in place.

* This diy crate cover can get a matching duvet for the inside.

*Features a canvas like material, adding to the decor.

* Molly-Mutt crate that matches your lifestyle.


*It has been recommended to order a size bigger, so it is long enough.

*It may shrink if the dryer is used.

*The cover is not recommended for chewing dogs.

Merry Product Cage with Crate Cover

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Merry Product Cage with Crate Covers are made from wood and can act as part of you living decor for storage or table top.

The product is a wood dog crate cover that can double as an end table right in the living area. It features a cage that is turned into a table very easily.


*Has a removable plastic tray for easy cleaning.

*It’s a magnetic wooden cover.

*The wood dog crate cover has a hardwood look.

*Features a steel dog crate.

*Easy to assemble.

*The design is made to fit into the already placed living area decor.


*Is not recommended for use with hyper or aggressive dogs.

*The magnets used for the top cover seem to make it slightly unstable.

*It’s only available in one color.

*People have reported not liking the steel wiring on the cage.

Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover

Mud River Dixie Kennel Cover Color

Mud River Dixie Kennel Covers are excellent for outdoor fun like camping, fishing, or hunting due to the insulated kennel cover.
Mud River Dixie Kennel covers are available in different colors, designs & sizes.

It's perfect matching for outdoor déco.


*They are water resistant.

*They are Heavy Duty.

*Features Microlite 3 insulation.

*Has removable mesh over the window.

*Has a roll-up front door.

*The insulated kennel cover makes it twenty to forty degrees warmer than outside.


*The insulated dog crate covers are not machine washable.

*They are not made to fit onto plastic crates.

*They have not warrantied when put onto metal or wire kennels.

Final Word of Best Dog Crate Covers

There are several options available to choose from when selection the best dog crate cover. Choosing which one could be fairly complicated, depending on your needs. If you need something that is going to be easily transported, you may want to stick with the Pet Dreams pet crate covers or the Midwest covers because of their ease of assembly and flexibility.

If you do a lot of camping and hunting, then the insulated kennel covers would be a better choice to help keep your dog safe and warm from harsh temperatures.

If you have a small space and don’t plan on moving your dog’s crate from room to room then the wood dog crate cover would be ideal giving you some storage to go along with the decor. Also to match with any home decor, which has many colors and styles available is the Molly-Mutt, suitable to match whatever your decorating plans hold.

While all have excellent qualities, during the search for the best kennel cover I believe the Sofantex Heavy Duty Crate Cove to be the best one. It had the fewest negatives, and besides the strong order, it seemed to be all around the most efficient to fit most needs.

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