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10 Easy Ways to Socialize Your Pet Dog

SocializationSocializing a dog is very vital for complete dog care. It is important for each dog owner to make his dog fit to live in a new world. Socialization is the process of giving your dog an exposure to the new situations and the environment. It is very important for the overall development of the […]

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Which is the Most Appropriate Dog Crate for Your Dog?

Having a pet in the house is like adding a new member to the house. As compared to earlier times, nowadays people are more inclined towards having a pet, and when it comes to getting one’s pet, dogs are all time favorites.Pet Industry In The US.As per the report of the American Humane Association, 72.9 […]

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How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas

All responsible pet owners want to know that their companion is living a healthy lifestyle. Their physical health and coat are a major contributor to pet care. Depending on your select dog breed, dog care can require a few tips to maintain your pet’s health. More importantly, dog health is greatly affected by fleas and […]

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What’s the Most Perfect Crate Size for your Dog

Statistics shows that there are over 80 million dogs owned in the U.S alone; this is to say that more than 40 % of Homeowners here have a dog or two. Arguably, these dogs need shelter, and as a result manufacturers of crates have come up with models of different colors, make and sizes. Unfortunately, […]

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