Puppy Teeth Stages: Things to Do if Puppy Teething?

Puppies begin teething between the ages of 3 and up to 6 months. They chew everything they can find within reach at home to soothe the pain and discomfort of pressure on their gums. The process of teething puppies can be facilitated by providing chewable toys and simple aid like ice cubes.

Puppy Teething Toys

Chewable toys made of rubber or hard plastic, but will not damage the development of teeth and gums. These toys not only help when teething but also interfere with the puppies from household items such as furniture and damaged shoes during this stage. Toys are provided for this purpose should also be fun and inviting puppies playing.

Kong chew toys are made of natural rubber and are an excellent choice for your puppy to relieve pressure that they are feeling in their gums. Running water in Kong Chilly Bones and clotting provide soothing relief for sore gums. Nylabones are chewable plastic which has the shape of a bone, triangular, the ball and the sticks are seasoned with chicken, bacon or liver. Simple rope toys for dogs can be soaked in chicken broth or beef and frozen in order to make them fun and engrossed in the teething process.

There is also a ring gear for a puppy that is made with all natural ingredients that are easy to digest. This product cleans the teeth, massaging the gums and even cool the breath. Other themed toys made of rubber or hard plastic is available in various forms, such as for human babies, but more powerful for chewing dogs.

Teething in puppies- Video

Ice Cubes for Teething Puppies

Some easy home remedies for relieving pain in the gums swelling include making ice cubes or ice from Aloe Vera juice. This substance is natural and a bitter taste found in health food stores. Ice cream can also be prepared with chicken or beef broth to get treatment that is tasty but useful.

Owners can gently massage the gums their puppies with a toothbrush or finger moistened soft dog cold water or as cool as ice. It also teaches the animals to get used to brushing your teeth because of good oral hygiene.

Although human infants benefit from the application of Orajel or Anbesol on their gums, this is not recommended for puppies. The ingredients in this product are similar and can cause a severe allergic reaction, which requires emergency visits by veterinarians. Raw skin bones should not chew toys for puppies because it is difficult to digest, especially in young people.

The best way to facilitate the process of teething puppy is to give them the chew toys designed specifically to calm stage of pain and inconvenience. The best thing is to give a puppy only two or three toys to dedicate it rather than too much. The owner can then see this toy better and throw also destroyed before their valuable animals drowned in small pieces.

Puppy Teeth Stages: Dog Teeth Diagram

Dog Teeth Diagram

Image source: yorkiesunited

All in all, the best thing you can do is protect your puppy from a potentially dangerous situation and helped her succeed in this important stage of development.

Here are some ideas to help your puppy's "bad" and help him safely:

  • Consume a lot of exercise and attention to relieve the boredom that often leads to chewing.
  • Shake the puppy if you cannot see it.
  • Use commercial sprays to reduce chewing on household items: Listerine is also good.
  • Do not give the puppy or chewing socks; could not distinguish the old from the new shoes.
  • Give your toy puppy to chew; it is also good to give your puppy while your teeth start growing.
  • Give your puppy's toy while behaving as if chewing on something that should not.
  • Move the things you do not want when your puppy to be out of reach: Keep plants away (many are poisonous), remove the pencil and books, cover all the power cords, and any more.

With a little planning, patience, and kindness, you can help your puppy take this important step in his life and helped him become a great dog you know.

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