5 Common Mistakes during Buying Dog Crate for the First Time

A dog is the man’s best friend. The faithfulness and loyalty of a dog are considered to be the best, and it is believed that a dog will never leave its master, come whatever may! Due to these qualities in dogs, man has been trying to tame him since times immemorial. When a person brings a dog to his home as a pet, it becomes his family member. It receives as much love, attention, and care as any other member of the family. People try to provide their pet dogs with all the facilities and training that are necessary for them. The crate is one such necessity that can make them feel comfortable to live in.

Dog Crate

A dog crate is an enclosure made up of plastic, metal, wire or fabric in which dogs can be kept for security purposes or transportation. They are designed to replicate the natural den of dogs and give them a place of refuge or a known surrounding during traveling.

Common Mistakes Made By First-Time Dog Crate Buyers

Buying a crate is a wise decision, but buying a wrong crate can turn your training program into a mess. You should keep in mind few guidelines to buy the best dog crate and make your life simpler and manageable. Five common mistakes made by the people are:

Buying an Unnecessarily Big Dog Crate

This is the biggest mistake made by the dog owners. According to a survey, most of them, being over enthusiastic, end up buying a crate which is way too big for their requirement. You should make it sure that the crate is just enough in size for your dog to stand up, lie down or turn around. The new dog owners must understand, a fact that if the crate is too big for their puppy, it will use half of the area as the sleeping place and the rest of the area as the bathroom. This is certainly quite undesirable for you.

Buying A Small Dog Crate

This again is not a good idea as the puppies grow so fast and soon your crate will become small for your dog. At this moment, you would need to buy a bigger one to fit him in, which will cost you unnecessary expenditure.

Buying The Wrong Type Of Dog Crate

Mainly, there are five basic kinds of crates to choose from. They are plastic dog crates, wire crates, heavy duty dog crates, cute crates and soft- sided crates. Each type of crate has its advantages and disadvantages that we will be discussing here to help you in choosing the best dog crate for your puppy.

Plastic Dog Crates:


  • Provide a cozy space for the dog to sleep and rest.
  • Plastic dog crates are available in different beautiful colors.
  • You can use it for airline travel, especially if your dog is acclimatized to such type of crate.
  • You can stack the upper half of the crate inside the lower half for storage purpose.
  • It can prevent your dog escape from it, especially if you possess an escape artist.


  • It is not that attractive for you to have it around the house.
  • It doesn’t offer much air circulation. So your puppy might feel abnormally hot in it.
  • If your dog uses it accidentally as a washroom, it may be very difficult for you to clean it.
  • It is opaque and may frustrate the dog as it does not allow him to see outside.

Wire Dog Crates:


  • It has a removable floor tray that is easy to clean.
  • They are easy to carry or store because they can be folded flat.
  • They remain cool and are very good for the dogs with a thick coat.

Some models give you an option to section off your crate so that you can increase the area of your crate with the size of your puppy


  • Large sizes can be difficult to move.
  • Easier for the escape artist dogs to break out from.
  • Tends to be noisier when your dog moves around in it.
  • Not too attractive.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates


  • Heavy duty dog crates are a good choice for airline travel if your dog acclimates to it.
  • They are helpful in containing the best escape artist or destructive dogs.


  • They are not very attractive kind of crates but look very tough and smart.
  • They are expensive though if you compare the cost of changing the less sturdy ones, again and again, they are cost effective.

Stylish Dog Crates


  • They look very great and presentable and can be used around the house.
  • Can be used as a side table or a corner table. So you don’t need extra space to keep them.


  • They can’t be used for the destructive dogs as they are easily chewable.
  • The dog can easily damage the finished wooden floor.

Soft- Sided Dog Crates


  • Get folded easily, so can be stored with ease.
  • Very lightweight and portable so can be used for car travel, picnics, etc.
  • Good for small and non- destructive dogs.


  • Not a good choice for destructive dogs.
  • Difficult to clean in case of a potty accident

Out of all the ones discussed above, choose the best dog crate for your dog depending on its size, breed, and interests.

Buying A Pre-Owned Dog  Crate And Not Disinfecting It Properly

Many people believe that crates are important only in the initial stages. So, they don’t want to invest much in them. They end up buying a pre-owned crate but forget to clean it properly with the help of disinfectants. It may lead to a serious health hazard for their beloved dog. So, remember to clean and disinfect the pre-owned crate for the health of your dog.

Buying A Dog Crate Based On Its Looks Only

Many first-time dog crate buyers get over excited and buy the best looking crates and ignore other important factors related to it. Always ponder over the type of usage and the requirement based on the breed of your dog before buying a crate for him. Normally, heavy duty dog crates and wired crates are useful, particularly if your dog is a destructive one.


Gift the best dog crate to your cute puppy and have a good time with him by taking due care and avoiding a few mistakes while buying dog crate for the first time.

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