How To Enjoy Your Holidays With Your Pet Dog

My four-legged fluffy friend has been my constant companion for years, and I cannot even imagine that I would spend even one day without coming back to my most faithful friend. So, when it comes to going on vacations with my family, I ensure that my dog, who is no less important than my family, is traveling with me as well.

There have been extensive researches about the vulnerability of traveling with your pet dogs, but all you need to do is be thorough with the process before taking the leap of traveling with your fluffy friend. You also have to understand that our transportation system has not been crafted primarily to accommodate our pets. So it is very important that you understand the safety regulations and also the ways in which you can ease the way you travel with your pet dog as at times it can even be a little stressful for the little souls.

Prepare Your Pet Dog

You have to prepare your dog for the long flight or the road trip that you are up for. The safest way to be on the move with your pet dog is to buy a travel dog crate which will ensure that he is in a stable position. You may feel miserable about crating your dog, but the safety dog crates are designed in such a way that they will remain in one place yet they will be able to move about a little within the crate and also have plenty of air circulation. Although you have to ensure that your dog has exercised quite a bit so that he will have a tendency to rest once he enters the crate.

You should also take note of the fact that your dog does not have an entirely full stomach or bladder. Just like human beings, they might be inclined to fall sick if they start the journey with a full stomach. You have to be careful that despite these regulations, your dog should have access to enough water in case he needs to take a sip.

Calm Them Down

Taking My Dog on Holiday

Please do not be negative about the safety dog crates. Trust me, your dog is extremely sharp in picking up vibes, and if you are unsure about travel dog crate, they will never want to go in there. If your dog is feeling fidgety or restless, calm him down, let him have a little water, and then you can crate him up. Remember this is for the safety of your dog and it is not a cage that you are imprisoning him in. So do not cringe at the thought of it. Remember he is going to bring that joy and happiness that he always does once he reaches the destination, and crating him is the only way that would allow our beloved friend to be there with you for your pleasant vacation. A little massage or some lavender oil aromatherapy would calm his senses, maybe yours as well.

Choose The Type Of Crate

Various types of safety dog crates are available in the market. You know your pet dog is the best. So, make sure the safety dog crate that you buy is perfect for his size and also the kind of fur that he has. Be very careful that there are no loose leashes or collars in the crate because that might be very hazardous for the dog. Also, practice crating him at home and maybe taking him out a little for small distances so that he does not suffer from extreme anxiety when you crate him for a very long journey.

Go For a Walk Once You Reach

Once you reach your destination, immediately take him out of the safety dog crate and go for a good long walk. Let him see the surroundings and feel the fresh breeze. Just like humans, your pet dog would also suffer from jet lag if he has flown a great distance. So once he steps out of his travel dog crate, he needs to exercise his muscles again to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Your dog might feel a little less enthusiastic first, but do not worry about that. He will slowly get acclimatized to the new place. Also, do pamper him a lot because he would feel a little lost, more lost than human beings in a new place, and would certainly need a lot of your attention to get him running around and frolicking again, which he will certainly do in no time!

Choose Canine-Friendly Vacation Spots

There are various vacation spots which are extremely dog-friendly in nature. If taking your pet dog on your vacation is your primary concern, then you can choose a canine-friendly spot which would be a treat for both of you. Remember, beaches can be excellent for dogs, and they seem to enjoy a lot! Farmhouses, lush green meadows or spots by the lake would also be perfect. Dogs are great swimmers, but if you are extremely near any water body, you have to keep a watch. These are the places where they can run around, roam freely and also swim a little if they want. Several locations also offer dog-friendly rentals which would also have packages customized to fit the schedule of your dog. These are the places where you do not have to break your head about carrying the particular food for your pet dog or taking them out for a walk. There will be people to help you out regarding these things so that it will be a treat for both the parties.

Final Word

Apart from all these, most importantly, you should let them roam free where possible. You have to learn to trust your pet dog and that they will return to you, no matter what. For pet dog admirers, it is kind of impossible to feel complete without the presence of your dog, even on vacation. So, enjoy  holidays with your pet dog!

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