Best Dry Dog Food Reviews

If you’re a dog owner, then you want your beloved friend and companion to be eating the best possible foods—like children, you’d do your absolute best for them. I’ve put together a list of some of the highest rated, dry dog food available. Consumers have consistently given they're the top dry dog foods.

How Do I Know I am Getting the Best Dry Dog Food for the Value?

Not all dog dry food is created equal. Many dry dog food companies add fillers, meat-by products, and preservatives. While you want the most bang for your buck, you do not want to compromise your dog's health. Plus, remember that depending on the size of your dog, portions might be one or more tray or can per feeding. Your dog's size would significantly raise or lower the cost of dog food.

Some Questions to Consider Before Choosing The Food for Your Dog.

What is The Best Dog Foods?

What nutritional value are you looking for? Can you afford to pay extra for a best dog food with quality ingredients? There is good cheap dog food on the market where you do not have to sacrifice total quality for the price.

What is The Best Dog Food For Small Dogs?

Dog food is formulated with the age of the pet in mind. Best small breed puppy food is packed with different nutrients and proteins. Puppies need on average twice as much protein as older dogs. Puppies need added nutrition to develop healthy immune systems, skeletal muscle systems, and cognitive brain stimulus.

What about Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds?

Large breed dry dog food is made with different proportion size in mind and well as different calorie intake. Large dogs need more dog food than smaller breed dogs. Make sure to look at size labeling to ensure you are getting the best dog food for the money.

Why You Choose Dry Dog Food for Your Loving One?

Best rated dry dog food, is higher in nutritional value, easier to digest and chew, and dogs typically find it more appetizing. When choosing the dry food for dogs, you need to consider price as well as nutritional value.

Here is a breakdown of top rated dry dog food overall, the best dry food for puppies ,best large breed dog food and best value dog food. Also, here is added questions to consider before starting to shop.

Dry Dog Food Comparison Chart

Dry Dog Food  Brand Name

Available Flavor

Available Sizes


Real Beef & Brown Rice

Real Chicken & Veggies

Turkey, Brown Rice & Venison

6 lbs

13 lbs

14 lbs

26 lbs

28 lbs

40 lbs

Bison & Venison






5 lbs

14 lbs

15 lbs

28 lbs

30 lbs

Originals With Real Beef

Originals With Real Chicken

Originals With Real Salmon

3.5 lb. Bag - Pack of 6

6.3 lb. Bag

15.5 lb. Bag

31.1 lb. Bag

Ocean Whitefish, Herring & Salmon

Original Turkey & Chicken


Reduced Fat

Small Breed

Wild Game Duck, Turkey, Boar & Rabbit

Large Breed

4-Pound Bag

12-Pound Bag

22-Pound Bag

26-Pound Bag







Texas Beef



4 Pound

12 Pound

22 Pound

25 Pound


Puppy Large


Six Fish

Regional Red


Fit & Trim

Senior dog ​​​​

4.5 lb

13 lb

25 lb

Chicken Meal & Rice

5 Pounds

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

If you are looking dry dog food brands Rachel Ray nutrish dog food, the famous cook, and television personality bring her line of dog food to the table. Nutrish dog food offers high selling points: real ingredients like high-quality protein and nutritional (Chicken, beef, seafood) fortification—via vegetables, and vitamin and mineral complexes.

This best tasting dry dog food Following Rachel Ray’s philosophy of food being love, she cooks only the best for her fellow humans and animal companions. No, added any Artificial Flavors or any Artificial Preservatives.

As I’m not a fan of soybean oil. Soybean oil (especially if it’s from the US and non-organic) contains some amounts of glyphosate, with 90% of soybean products being genetically engineered Roundup Ready crops. Virtually all of the soy you come into contact with will contain toxic pesticides. Strong selling points would be that Rachel Ray formulates it.

I’ll conclude with this: Nutrish dog food has potential to be the dry dog food in its segment, notwithstanding the soy and other GMO ingredients.

Buy this if: You want to treat your pup with food that tastes particularly good.

Dry Dog Food Brands

Flavor: Real Chicken & Veggies, Turkey, Brown Rice & Venison, Real Beef & Brown Rice, Fruit & Chicken

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry dog food Customers ratings:

Taste of The Wild Dry Dog Food

This formula is known for giving dogs a taste of what their original ancestors—wolves—would typically eat in their forages. Taste of the wild dry dog food formula is the best it contains a variety of proteins like chicory root, venison, lamb meal, chicken meal, and even bison.

Taste of the wild dog food ingredients Fruit and another plant more.

As well as naturally occurring live microorganisms. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, and with great tasting ingredients, for the price, flavoring, and ingredients, I’m pretty confident in the taste of the wild grain free dog food. It’s also one the most reviewed top rated dog foods on consider it the best dry food for dogs.

Flavor: Bison & Venison, BoarLamb, Salmon, Venison, Wildfowl

Best Dry Dog Food Brand

Taste of the Wild Dry dog food customers ratings:

 Ten-thousand customer reviews can’t be wrong, right?

Purina Dry Dog Food

Purina dog food brands is a well-known brand and healthiest dry dog food.

They’ve got dozens of products on the market—wet and dry, and they offer guaranteed nutrient analysis. Purina dry dog food is real beef product is best inexpensive dog food &

Highly rated by dog owners for one reason: taste. As far as taste goes, it’s a cost-effective option. For its cost and consumer category, it's the good choice for large breeds (for cheap).

Purina dog food ingredients Although I am not a fan of the artificial colors. Red 40, Yellow 6, and Blue 2 are all dangerous to humans as well—they’re known for causing cancer. Although dogs can eat almost anything, I would NOT permit my pet to consume artificial colors. I'm sticking with my rating, though it is a vet recommended dry dog food.

Purina puppy Dog Food

Flavor: Originals with Real Beef, Originals with Real Chicken, Originals with Real Salmon

Purina Baneful Dry dog food customers ratings: 

Wellness Core Dry Dog Food

Wellness core dry dog food uses a lot of meat in their diet. It’s free of grain and animal by-products and retains meaty taste. A balanced, carefully cultivated nutritional profile offers antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and probiotics—this top rated dry dog food is a powerhouse for your dog. Even people don’t get enough of these nutrients. Wellness core dry dog food formulated for adult, non-reproducing dogs. High protein content, and filled with real animal meat, probiotics and high amounts of copper.

Wellness Core Dog Food Small Breed

A little pricey, but you always get what you pay for. Health is something one needs to invest in. Don’t compromise your pet’s health by choosing cheaper, toxin-laden junk over real food. Even if it’s expensive.

CORE is one of the best dry dog foods on the market. In fact, it’s likely the best one dry dog food brand in this review.

Buy this if: You want to know the nutrient values. This meets AAFCO nutrient profiles for adult maintenance. Below average carbohydrates combined with average fat levels and healthy protein density means your dog will stay trim and fit. It may not be the best dry puppy dog food; it does seem to be for all types of sizes.

The best part of the wellness core dog food:

 * Wellness core grain free dog food

*High-Quality Ingredients

*This is a healthy dry dog food and its consistent gives them lots of sustained energy

* Wellness core dry dog food is good for Small Dogs  

Flavor: Original Turkey & Chicken. Ocean Whitefish, Herring & Salmon, Puppy, Reduced Fat, Small Breed, Wild Game Duck, Turkey, Boar & Rabbit, Large Breed

Wellness Core dry Dog Food customers ratings.

Merrick Dry Dog Food

Merrick dry dog food Suitable for dogs in all stages of life and organic certified. Considering that this is appropriate for puppies, I might consider this the best dry puppy food.

Merrick grain free puppy food ingredients are cooked on a batch basis, in the US. No unverifiable ingredients from China, and little to no heavy metal pollution from the organically certified vegetables in the recipe. Grain free is another plus—zero fillers and completely natural for a dog’s diet.

Merrick Dry Dog Food

This best adult dog food High levels of glucosamine chondroitin promote hip and joint health, contributing to a long and active life. Soy, corn, wheat, and gluten free.

Buy this dry food for small breeds are high-quality ingredients, zero filler, active nutrient profile (some of the highest amounts of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids + glucosamine and chondroitin) Gluten free, USA made.

Flavor: Buffalo, Chicken, Lamb, Rabbit, Duck. Salmon, Texas Beef, Turkey, Venison, Vegetable.

Merrick Dry dog food customers ratings: 

Orijen Adult Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Let's talk about large dog breed food, Orijen adult grain-free dry dog food is the best one of them.

Orijen Adult Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This Orijen dry dog food is a grain-free limited ingredient and a single source of protein; it makes your dog healthy and active, This  Orijen dry dog food is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, Amino Acids, and Botanical Inclusions to your dog.

Flavor: Puppy, Puppy Large,  Original, Six Fish, Regional Red, Tundra, Fit & Trim, Senior dog

Picture of Orijen Dog Food Ingredients

Best Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Orijen Adult grain free dry dog food customers ratings: 

Canidae Dry Dog Food

Canidae dry dog food is another top dry puppy food solid, high-quality kibble formulation, CANIDAE dog food ensures that all formulas are packed with the primary nutrients dogs need most: meat. Marketing itself as high-quality but not extravagantly premium, this brand offers sufficient price nutrition and competes directly with similarly priced yet lower quality kibble. The Chicken Meal & Rice is formulated with real chicken and uses only natural ingredients without fillers. No corn, wheat or soy.

Canidae Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food

CANIDAE dog food takes a holistic approach—proper nutrition without artificial anything is the key to healthy living.

Another plus is that it is a good food for puppies. Consistently top-rated dry dog food choice a number one seller. Easily amongst the best dog foods on the market. This is vet recommended dog food for all ages’ breeds & sizes

Flavor: Chicken Meal & Rice, Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish, Lamb Meal & Rice, Platinum Less Active, Large Breed Flavor.

CANIDAE Dry dog food  customers ratings:

Your Turn

All of these foods meet a particular nutrient profile, have acceptable to excellent ingredient quality, and are consistently highly rated. If you’re asking yourself: “what is the best dry dog food?”, Then I’d have to vouch for Wellness CORE personally. It meets certain nutrient profiles, and I’m quite happy with the ingredients. Though all of these brands have the dry dog food reviews (from consumers), not all dog food reviews are the same.


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