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10 Tips to Take Better Care of Your Disabled Dog

Nowadays disabilities are more common in all walks of life including, physical, mental, cognitive skills of a not only humans but also to animals. More specifically, dogs are highly vulnerable to neuromuscular diseases, hearing impairment, vision loss, immobility, etc. But, they are not let down by most of the dog owners as they consider their […]

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How to Take Care of Your Senior Dog

In general, the term “senior” refers to pets aging between 6 – 13 years. Take note that your dog’s genetics, nutrition, and environment are crucial factors that determine how fast your dog ages. For instance, a Great Dane’s senior years begin at his 5th year while a Pomeranian would only be middle-aged by then. It […]

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A Health Checklist for a Dog Owner

As a new pet owner, you might require some telepathic powers. Being a dog owner for the first time can be a tad daunting. Seeing as you don’t speak dog language, you are left trying to decipher the quirky little things that your dog does. You could be wondering if the way he wags his […]

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