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Daycare Facilities for Dogs

doggy daycare

Keeping a dog is not always easy. Aside from all the health concerns you have to deal with regularly, you also have the responsibility to train your dog so that it is not a disadvantage for other people, including yourself. Fortunately, there are hundreds of doggy daycare centers available today. Dogs are sociable animals that […]

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Symptoms of Rabies in Your Dog

rabies in dogs symptoms

Rabies is a condition when the gray matter in the brain of a dog is affected by a fatal viral called polioencephalitis and dysfunctions the central nervous system. Rabies has always been a scary name for the pet-owners! Among the known infectious diseases in dogs, rabies is perhaps the oldest. The nervous system of dogs […]

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Training Your Dogs to Be Off-Leash for Freedom

Training Your Dogs to be Off-Leash

Throughout history, dogs have been our companions and best friends. Many of us dog-lovers take our furry friends everywhere with us. Because of this, it’s a good idea for you to spend some time training your dogs to be off-leash. Off-leash dog training isn’t that hard to do. Dogs generally smart animals and they just need […]

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How to Tackle Your Dog After Surgery

dogs after surgery and what to do

Over the course of their pet’s life, most dog owners will have to go through at least one surgery with their furry friend. The article deals with dogs after surgery and what to do. Be it a simple neutering or a more complicated procedure, the basics of care remain the same. The following steps will […]

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