Dog Crate Reviews – Tips and Tricks How to Find the Best Dog Crate

If you are interested to find the best dog crate from out there, this is the perfect article for your needs. In this paper, we will make sure that you get to know anything and everything related to the best dog crates models out there. Finding the best dog crate is not an easy task, and we want to make it a bit easier for you.

Stuffs like  Best dog crate, Best dog kennel, or  Best dog pan are essential to dog lovers but very rarely talked about which is sad. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk a lot about dog kennels, dog crates, and dog pans as well as about crates.

That is the whole purpose of this article. After you finish reading this article, you will be able to comfortably go ahead and buy a dog crate for your needs. Also, if you are unsure about whether you should go for a dog crate or not, this is the article which will take care of your questions too.

Let us warn you at the very beginning that the article is going to be a long one with a ton of information. If you have never read long articles before, this is the time for sure. We divided this article into different sections. Therefore, it will be easier for you scan the item if you do not feel like reading the whole thing.

Also, if you are already an expert or know enough about the best dog crates models, then these sections will tell you what to read and what not to read. Only avoid the points that you already know about.

Now that we are completely ready to get into the action let’s start with the reviews first which are the most important section of the article. Then we will quickly move to the other parts which are important as well but not as much as the reviews.

This is a one-stop guide for those whoever is interested to either go for a dog crate or to know more about those. Obviously, it is not an easy task to know about a certain topic all by yourself in one sitting. However, we made that possible in this article.

Before you read this long article check our infographic below 11 benefits of dog crate..

Dog crate reviews buyers guide

Top Best Dog Crate Reviews

In this section of the article, we will be doing ten best crates for dogs reviews. The reviews will be very simple, and it will not be a tough task for you to go ahead and buy a model of dog crate depending on these reviews. We tried to include as much information as possible keeping everything simple.

Also, please note that we did not make any specific orders when we created the best dog crates reviews. All these ten reviews that you see below are equally good to be at the top position horizontally. As that is not possible, you see one after another. The main idea is that all of the ten models are better than the rest of the market and we are trying to tell you exactly that.

#01-Yaheetech L Indoor/Outdoor Soft Sided Dog House

The first one in our list is from the best dog crate brand Yaheetech. This is a new model, and many people will say that going for a new design is risky. You can trust us! There is no risk as we have used this crate personally.

Soft Indoor Dog House Large

There are different size options that you can go for. The crate is lightweight, and the material is nylon along with zipper which makes the operation comfortable. There is also a side pocket and top pouch in this crate which will make your travelling experience even better. After your uses experience you can tell it's best puppy crates also.

#02-Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate

So if you were unsure about the previous one just because it was a new company and the model was new in the market, you would love this one as this is an established one. The best pet dog crate  model is extremely popular among dog parents and in every three to four houses who use a crate, you will see one of these.

42 Inch Double Door Dog Crate

The reason is super simple behind this popularity. The product is fold able; there are different size and door options for every type of people and dog, and on top of these features, the crate is super budget friendly too.

Basic Folding Metal Dog Crates Video Review 

#03-OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Metal Pet Crate

The best rated dog crates  OxGord is that they have their crate made in a way so that it can support not only dogs but also cats, rabbits, and other animals. That is not our point, however. The six size options will be good enough for most dogs. The folding dog crate is super simple to install which is another significant part.

Large Double Door Dog Crate

This large double door dog crate is a heavy duty one. One purchase will go for your lifetime which is guaranteed. It is easy to clean and manage too. All in all, good one for sure!

#04-Petnation Port A Crate E2 Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Petnation is a super popular dog crate and best price on dog crates in this industry, and this is something that you can buy and forget about. There are six different models of this dog crate that you can choose, and all of them vary depending on the size. The price also varies accordingly so you can think about that too.

Petnation Dog House

You can carry up to 70 pounds of a dog in this one. The measurements are great, and the fabric is great enough too.

#05-Midwest iCrate Pet Crate

This Midwest dog crates is another extremely popular and best prices on dog crates model that you can go for. Obviously, as you can see from the picture, this is a wire based crate, but this is best folding dog crate which makes it easier for you to travel with this crate. Midwest icrate double door different size options are starting from 18 inches up to 48 inch which is the industry highest at this moment.

Midwest icrate Double Door 42

There are different color options too which is rear to find. All in all, this is a great model to go for anytime no matter what type of dog you have.

Midwest iCrate Video Review 

#06-Carlson Secure and Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate

This is a simple and a small one that you will buy only if you want to get a taste of crates and if you want to feel whether your dog will like a crate or not. Obviously, there is no point in buying a big crate and later on finding out that the dog is not liking the crate, right?

Carlson Compact and Secure Metal Dog Crate Large

Therefore, go for this foldable dog crate  one. The wash pan is removable, and the crate is very easy to manage. You can carry a puppy up to 42 lb in this one.

#07-2 Door Pet Wire Cage With ABS Plan

The best part about this crate is that it has an ABS plan. By the way, did you notice that the title says cage instead of crate? That is not a mistake. The company named this crate as a cage but to be honest; it is up to you on however you want to use it. If you keep the doors open, it will be a crate and not a cage anymore.

2 Door Pet Wire Cage

Anyway, there are five different options for you to choose from and they all are great. There are two doors in each cage which will give you that extra freedom.

#08-Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

The next one in our list is the MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Crate Dog. Again, this is another Midwest product but the features are a lot different than the previous one and therefore, we had to talk about this heavy duty metal dog crate  model too.

Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate 48

The price is right, and there are six different size options to go for. Your dog of up to 70 lbs can easily get accommodated inside which is great. The crate is durable, and the lengths are good enough to keep your dog comfortable inside. All in all, definitely a good one to go for.

Midewest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crates Video Review 

#09-Precision Pet Two Door Great Crate

The color that this crate is of black and it is also a popular one. Though it is not the most popular one out there, you will still like it. Especially if you have a super small size dog, this is a great option to go for.

Precision Pet Products Great Crate Double Door Dog Crate

The lock is very safe; the measurements are good enough, and the dog weight limit is 10 pounds. Make sure that you measure your dog properly before buying this crate as it is very easy to miss a point. The crate comes with a guide, divider panel and a lot of other accessories to help you.

#10-New World Dog Crate

New world folding metal dog crate is the last product that we have on our list. Size options are starting from 30 inches up to 48 inches, and you can pick any of these options. There are also single and double door options for you. If your dog is up to 40 pounds, then this is a good fit.

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

It is also easy to clean, and the tray is removable. All in all, this is a simple yet good one for a small scale house or a dog.

What is The Best Dog Crate?

The point things to know can also be considered as a buying guide. This is a buying guide, but we are not going to talk about those traditional options such as you need to make sure that you are thinking about the price and so on. These are distinct things, and there is no point in talking about each one of those. What we are going to do is that we are going to setup different relevant topics and will discuss those who actually will help you to manage and make the best dog crate even better.

Can a best be even better? We will find that in this single section.

Types of Dog Crate

The first thing that you should think about when you are going for the dog crate is the kind of the crate that you are planning to buy. It is very crucial that you plan your crate type perfectly because the whole plan of catering your dog in a dog crate might go wrong if you choose the wrong type of dog crate. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the types of dog crates that you can go for right now.

So, there are many types of dog crates, but the basic types are very simple. There are four kinds there which you can choose from. They are known as the soft crates, the smart ones, the wire crates and apparently, the plastic crates. Now we will talk about each of these crate models in our review.

Wire Dog Crate

Wire Dog Crates

The wire based dog crates are probably the most common type of crates that you will see around. It is this kind that you immediately start imagining when you think about dog crates. The crates are made of hard wire, and in general, there are two different doors (or one) in these crates. There are different pros and cons of using a wire crate, and we will be talking about those too.


  • The first advantage is that it is super easy to clean and to maintain. If you are one of those lazy people who does not want to clean the dog mess, then this is the perfect solution for you.
  • Obviously, you will have to clean the trays and the body once in a while but you do not need to do that regularly like some other types of dog crates which are a big advantage to have.
  • Obviously, you will have to clean the trays and the body once in a while but you do not need to do that regularly like some other types of dog crates which are a big advantage to have.
  • The second benefit is a continuous air flow. As the wire is open and there are more than enough vacant spaces inside, air will continue to flow which will give comfort to your dog. Especially if you are living in someplace hot, then this works even better.
  • The third benefit is the visibility issues. You will be able to see your dog and your dog will also be able to see you too.
  • There is no point in keeping your dog in a place where there are black walls everywhere. Your dog will hate it, and you should not do that too. A crate is not a dog cage, and you have to understand that.
  • Another great part about going for a dog crate which is wire based is because it is easy to manage and they fold easily. You cannot fold a hard rock dog crate, but you can easily do that with a wire based one. Apart from that, the slide out trays is easy to clean when it comes to maintenance.


Why should you not go for a dog crate which is made of wire?

  • These dog crates are not considered as one of the most comfortable ones for your dog, so if you find comfort, these dog crates should not be your first choice.
  • The next reason is simply one of the opposites of the benefits. Remember we told that wire crates are best as they will help air flow? That can be a disadvantage too if you are living in a cold place with lots of winds. So, keep that in mind.
  • Contrary to popular believe the wire-based dog crates are very heavy in most cases. You should think about that too when you are going to buy a wire based model.

Plastic Dog Crate

Now, the second type of dog crate that we will talk about is the plastic dog crates. Again, there are both advantages and disadvantages of going for a plastic dog crate. This section is dedicated to that only.                                                                                                      

Plastic Dog Crate


  • The first benefit that we think plastic crates have is the ability to be used whenever you are travelling for long distances using international flights.
  • Often we see that people face hard times to be able to take their dogs with them when they are travelling, and one of the biggest reasons is the crates.
  • If you have a good plastic crate, the chances are high that you will be able to take your dog with you no matter where you are going.
  • The second benefit according to us is the fact that plastic crates are easy to carry and they are light.
  • Plastic crates are made for everyone, and they are specially made to be carried around. Therefore unlike the other types of crates, these crates are soft, and some of them even have points where you can take these. That makes the whole thing a lot easier.
  • Wire crates always get those dust and rusts as the days go by. Come on! Those are similar to the iron, and this is bound to happen. On the other hand, if you take care of your plastic dog crate properly then it will remain as the best dog crate model for an extended period. These are durable, and these are easy to manage too.


Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of using this type of crate. Obviously, the benefits are out there, but there have to be disadvantages too and what are those?

  • The first one is that these are closed cages. Where in a regular wire crate, you will always be able to see your dog and most importantly, your dog will always be able to see you or the world as that is open.
  • The plastic crates are not. At max, you will get an open end at one side of the plastic crate which is not enough. Therefore, it can hardly be used for an all time purpose. It can only be used for minimum times and in particular situations.
  • You will hardly be able to fold any plastic dog crate which we think is another significant disadvantage. Then again, everyone has their preference, and your one might not be the fact that you want to fold the crate.

If you have that mentality, you will not be able to which is our point.

Soft Dog Crates

The third type that we are going to talk about is the soft ones. Now, the name soft dog crate might sound appealing, right? After all, you are going to get a dog crate for your dog, and if it is soft, your dog will be more comfortable, right?

Well, it does not work like that. We will talk about that a bit later. Let’s just start with te good things at the beginning.

Guardian Gear Nylon/Steel Soft-Sided Collapsible Dog Crate


  • The first advantage that you receive from a soft crate is the lightweight. These are incredibly easy to carry around, and you do not have to worry about whether it folds or not. You can take it in your suitcase too if you feel like.
  • Yes, it is that easy to carry.
  • They are comfortable for your dog as the inside part is soft. We have seen campers love using these crates as these are easy to carry, cheap and have super light weight.


Now let’s talk about the disadvantages that you might face if you are going for a soft crate. The first disadvantage is the durability. These are not durable, and you will not use one model for an extended period.

  • As these are made of hard clothing, your dog can tear it from inside if he or she is desperate enough.
  • Also, these are not great options for big dogs.
  • As your dog will not be able to see almost any light, it can become scary inside no matter how short the duration is.

Stylish Dog Crate

The last one in our list was the stylish dog crate models. Obviously, we do not have a lot to talk about these. There can be many explanations on which are the stylish dog crate models.

Mr. Herzher's Small Wicker Pet Residence

Some wooden ones recently became super popular. Then there are some interesting plastic based but big ones that look like a real home for your dog and so on.

We cannot talk about their pros and cons in this section of the article because there are a ton of them. Therefore, we will not try that.

How to Find the Right Dog Crate

Now, the next topic that we are going to talk about is how you are going to find the perfect sized dog crate for your dog. There are many things that you should look for when you are trying to find the best crates for dog , but we will keep it to the minimum.

The primary method to calculate the crate size is to measure and compare the weight with the size of the crate. Let’s dig deep....

Video Review How To Choose The Right Crate Size 

So, if the crate size is around 18 times 18 or 18 times 24, you can quickly go for it with a dog who has a weight of around 30 lbs or less. For example, a Chihuahua would be the perfect pick in this case.

Now, if the measurement is 24 times 24 of the crate, you can go for a dog there which is around 38 lbs or lower. For example, Terriers, Poodles and so on.

Now, if you are going for 24 times 36 size of the dog crate, then you can accommodate dogs up to 40 lbs in int. Dogs such as Spaniel, Aussy Terriers, and Corgi are the ones which will fit in that.

The list goes on and on. The biggest dog crate models that you can find is the size of 72 times 36. Here you can carry dogs up to 180 lbs which are massive. Dogs like a husky, akita and similar ones will fit in this crate.

Here is the idea of the whole thing. You will first measure your dog (we will talk about how to measure your dog a bit later), and then you will take the weight count of your dog. Then only go ahead and search the market for dog crates using these two metrics. It will be more than enough to find that perfect one.

Right Crate Size For Dog

How To Measure Your Dog

To measure your dog, make sure that your dog is standing in a perfect position. We all know how dogs stand. Now take a measuring tape and put the first part to the nose of your dog, now only pull the measurement tape until the end of the tail area. This will give you the size of your dog regarding width.

large dog measurement picture

Large Dog Measurement Picture

Now to take the length, only make your dog sit straight (not lying or leaning towards forward) and then take the same measurements. This time, you will start from the top of the head, and you will go up to the surface with the other end of the measurement tape. That will tell you the minimum length that you need.

Make sure that you always add at least one-third of the measurement additionally to both sides to make sure that your dog is having a good time inside. It should not be so tiny inside that your dog becomes unable to move.

Extra Crate Accessories That You Can Go For

There are certain accessories that you can go ahead and pick for your dog if you feel like. Obviously, none of these are your main requirements when it comes to the best crate for dogs guide, but these will add excellent value to your table.

Again we are telling you that these are not your must need items. These are some additional ones that you can go for if you feel like. If you do not want to go for these dog crate accessories, that is fine too. At the end of the day, you know the most about your dog, and you know what will make him or her happy.

Dog Bed

The first item that we would love to talk about is the Bedding. Apparently, dogs are used to tight and hard spots to live in but why would you do that? Make the surface of the crate even more comfortable for your dog with nice bedding's. These are easy to get and cheap enough to go for.

Trendy Pet Cat or Dog Bed, Machine Washable, Bolstered Microfiber, Modern Designer Inspired Pattern

When you are buying bedding for your dog, you should always make sure that the bedding is washable and it matches the size of the dog crate. You can always buy a bigger one and resize if you want

Dog Crate Covers

Like a car, you should always protect your crate to make sure that it serves you for an extended period. Protecting your crate is easier, and if you buy a cover, then it becomes even easier. As like the bedding, the cover should be washable, and the size should be proper.

Dog Crate Cover

You can use the cover when your dog is inside too! Some dogs love that alone time.

Dog Toys

The third item that we will talk about is the toys. You have to make sure that your dog is loving the toys so that he or she feels interested to the crate. However, you should also offer him/her the toys because it is deserved. After all, your dog has just agreed to be in a crate for you, isn’t it?

Dog Toy Ball

There are lots of kinds of dog toys around, and it is not a good idea to start reviewing dog toys. Make sure that you are not providing something super big which will be a tight fit for the crate. Also, do not provide something heavy or risky that will cause risk inside the crate as you will not always be watching your dog when it is inside.

Try to be simple and pick a toy that your dog has already loved before. It will be a safe attempt as this always helps to generate your dog’s interest to the crate.

Bottom Line of Best Dog Crate Reviews and Buyer's Guide

No matter what you do, always keep in mind that your dog should not face trouble while you are buying or using a dog crate. A dog crate should never be used for punishment. Try to make your dog understand that this is something that you prepared for him at his home. If you can manage to do that, you will always be able to stay his friend, and he will also be happy.

Don’t you want that to happen?

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