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My Dog Likes Traveling In a Limousine

Sponsor Post By Carcover I finished my college education last year. So, I used to hang around the house all day. However, I always did not like to idle around. I settled on having a pet to keep myself busy. After long moments of persuasion, my dad agreed to get me one. Luckily enough, my […]

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My Dog Is Overweight, What Should I Do?

You have probably noticed that your dog is overweight. It is not a new thing that poor nutrition diets have been affecting the longevity and wellness in life. Overfeeding has been the big part of the citizen’s life in term of pets.The family pet is indeed the mood booster. Making it fat might be amusing […]

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Can Dogs Get HIV!

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a disease that can become fatal if not well treated. If you think you are at risk of getting infected with the virus, go for diagnosis immediately. If HIV is detected within three days of exposure, it can be stopped from developing by using Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). People […]

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What Should You Do When Your Dog Has a Cancer

Many people believe that cancer is only a disease that affects humans, but unfortunately, it also affects animals and especially dogs. Cancer is the disease that kills most dogs in the world! Unfortunately, there was not much we could do to prevent our dogs from catching the disease in the past, but we must beware […]

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How to Prevent Skin Problems in Dogs

There is no doubt that friendship with our pets goes beyond a simple “master-dog” relationship because we share an infinity of things like thoughts, feelings, personality, likes and even gestures, however, there are things that we would not like to have in common with our partners, like diseases. Like us, the dogs are exposed daily […]

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Your Dog Has Diabetes! How Do You Know?

Diabetes refers to an ailment of the body which happens as a result of the body’s inability to produce or utilize insulin, a fact that makes the body’s blood sugar levels to rise very high. Insulin refers to a hormone which is produced in the pancreas and allows cells to take sugar (glucose) from the […]

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Reasons Why Your Dog Does Not Listen to You

Do уоu fееl likе you’re rереаting соmmаndѕ constantly with уоur dog? Or thаt thеу listen whеn уоu’rе inѕidе but аѕ ѕооn аѕ you tаkе thеm оutѕidе they соuld care lеѕѕ?  That’s соmmоn аnd an utterly good problem to have.  Understanding thе rеаѕоn why уоur dog runs away when called and dоеѕ not liѕtеn tо уоu […]

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Social Responsibility With Respect to Dogs

How many times does a boy or girl ask to have a dog at home? But also, how many dogs do we see on the streets, abandoned to their fate because the expectations and the reality of having an animal at home do not coincide? Having a dog is a decision that must be made […]

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Glucosamine for Dogs—All You Need to Know

As a dog ages, the energy levels drop down, and vitality of life fades away. The slow down symptoms observed in dogs due to old age can be an indication of joint pain in them. Joint pain can make the dog unwilling to move around, and go out for a walk. But, regular exercise is […]

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