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Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

Dogs have been men’s companion for a very extended period. It doesn’t mean that dogs are only friendly to the adults. They tend to be friendly with children as well. So kids also love to have a dog as a companion. Certain reasons make children like dogs so much. After researching through many doggie websites […]

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10 Easy Ways to Socialize Your Pet Dog

SocializationSocializing a dog is very vital for complete dog care. It is important for each dog owner to make his dog fit to live in a new world. Socialization is the process of giving your dog an exposure to the new situations and the environment. It is very important for the overall development of the […]

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How To Enjoy Your Holidays With Your Pet Dog

My four-legged fluffy friend has been my constant companion for years, and I cannot even imagine that I would spend even one day without coming back to my most faithful friend. So, when it comes to going on vacations with my family, I ensure that my dog, who is no less important than my family, […]

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Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

As per the world statistics, it has been observed that mostly cats and dogs are the pet species that often suffer from potential poisonings for which the owners often seek assistance. Such cases account for 95 % to 98%. These poisonings occur during the holiday seasons, i.e. in summers and the December months. It is […]

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How Dog Brings Happiness in your Family

I have been for long, waking up every morning to this fluffy bundle of joy. What a terrific bliss it is to realize that no matter what, there will always be this one creature who will never stop loving you. A lot has been written and talked about how enriching having a dog breed can […]

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Which is the Most Appropriate Dog Crate for Your Dog?

Having a pet in the house is like adding a new member to the house. As compared to earlier times, nowadays people are more inclined towards having a pet, and when it comes to getting one’s pet, dogs are all time favorites.Pet Industry In The US.As per the report of the American Humane Association, 72.9 […]

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A Blind Man And His Golden Retriever Dog

A dog is one of the best companions that many people may get for themselves. There is a story emerging about a blind man and his golden retriever dog. These stories could inspire many readers to get involved with pet care. That topic is an engaging and exciting way to enjoy one’s life. Other people […]

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How to Identify Your Dog Breed

Learning about the breed of your dog will help you be a better pet owner. You are learning about an animal that will become part of the family, and you are teaching yourself what this dog will be like during the year. You have a few things to consider like crate training, where to get […]

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