Best Dog Harness for Hiking – For Safety of the Owner and The Pet

In this age, with all the pressure of work and repetitiveness, you can hardly allocate your time properly for all that matters. To let off steam you direly need a break from this urban joint once in a while.And when you plan to go off on a hike or walk to the greenery you leave your pet at home. The last thing you remember is the sad look on your dog’s face longing for you to come back and play with him. As a matter of preparation you may need best dog harness for hiking to keep your pet well within control. Why not take him along too?

No time to brood- select one

best dog harness for running & hiking

You are lucky now, you can choose among the best harness for your dog and take him on the adventure too. It will surely make a great memory for both of you.

How Do You Choose the Best Dog Harness for Hiking?

Before you start  you should answer few questions:

  • Is your dog old? As old dogs tend to be slow, their skin is more fragile and tend to get tired easily.
  • Is your dog well mannered?  Hard to control means you will need a harness which will give you more control over the dog.
  • Is your dog a large one?
  • If your dog is small, is it docile enough to be carried in a backpack? As Vizsla is the best small dog for hiking. But before taking it to hike, you must answer the prior question.
  • Your dog must feel comfortable in their attire when they are taken on a long hike or a simple mistake can harm the both of you.

Top Dog Harness for Hiking

Let’s start off with the best.

Ruffwear front Range all-Day Adventure Harness

With double leash system from the front and the rear makes it the most comfortable and controllable among all of them. The two-way leash system ensures durability and more control over the dog’s direction. If you have a large and sturdy dog Ruffwear offers ranging from sizes XS to XL.

RUFFWEAR All Day Adventure Dog Harness, Medium Breeds, Adjustable Fit,...
  • MADE FOR EXTENDED WEAR: Lightweight, durable, and made for all-day outdoor adventures; Designed for easy on and off

The best part is the “Ruffwear front range” has an extra padding for the rib to belly which keeps the dog most comfortable for almost any activities you have planned out for the day.

Expawlorer Front Range No- Pull Dog Harness

EXPAWLORER Best Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness. 3M Reflective Outdoor...
  • Color:green,size XL fit chest girth 32-42" Stylish ,Durable, Scratch-Resistant Oxford material outer layer,lightweight Draflex Buckle with large loading capacity which greatly improves tensile strength.Comfortable and ergonomi design ensures easy to fit and put on/take off.

The Expawlorer no-pull harness also has the double leash system but its smaller in size compared to the one discussed earlier. On the bright side, this product comes with reflective stripes on it, which is great if you love hiking at night!

This small harness is best for feisty pups. Also, it doesn’t usually peel off the dog’s skin after long use yet provides great control over the naughty and eccentric pups. In addition to that, the strong handle on top is a great feature which allows the owner to guide his dogs better.

EXPAWLORER Best Front Range No-Pull Dog Harness. 3M Reflective Outdoor Adventure Pet Vest with Handle. 3 Stylish Colors and 5 Sizes.

Kurgo Dog Journey Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness for Large, Medium & Small Dogs | Reflective Harness...
  • GREAT ACTIVE HARNESS: Perfect pet harness for active dogs that enjoy the outdoors and love adventuring with their humans; great for running, hiking, camping, and walking; includes 10-inch lead to use as car dog seatbelt to prevent distracted driving

Good news for the adventurer fanatics. Here is another product to blow your minds! Along with padded chest plate which gives great comfort to the pooch wearing it, there is an added feature of D-rings on the rear.

Furthermore, the helping handle attachment gives more control to the owner to make sudden alert movements. At times, when a poisonous herbivore or plant pops up you would find it very helpful. 

Kurgo is very popular among rock climbers to give the best of control in the world of harness for dogs. Not only their products are designed to satisfy the customer’s needs, but they also make sure their products are very durable.

Kurgo Journey Multi-Use Dog Harness, Reflective Harness, Dog Running Harness, Dog Walking Harness, Dog Hiking Harness, Blue/Grey, Large

Ruffwear Double-back Harness

RUFFWEAR - Doubleback, Strength-Rated Belay Dog Harness, Rock Climbing...
  • ROCK CLIMB READY: Designed to safely bring your dog's adventures to great heights; Ideal for difficult to access outdoor areas, rough terrain, scrambles, hikes, and backpacking
Ruffwear - Doubleback Strength-Rated Safety Dog Harness, Cloudburst Gray, Medium

When climbing a tough terrain, it is normal that your pup needs a little more support from you. This strong build harness is just for that purpose. The force it can take is more than 1900 pounds. Thus lesser do you have to worry about the harness wearing out.

Like all their products, Ruffwear does balance the brawn, beauty, and comfort. The extra padding under the belly and the back leg loops all make it more stable and keeps you more in control. All the more helpful while lifting let alone hiking.

Ruffwear - Doubleback Strength-Rated Safety Dog Harness, Cloudburst Gray, Medium

Pawtitas Pet Soft Adjustable Harness

Pawtitas Pet Soft Adjustable Step-In Reflective Puppy / Dog Harness...
  • AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES : From Extra Extra Small to Large / Extra Large, Pawtitas Dog Harness is suitable for any stage of their lives from a puppy to a senior. The Small 5/8 Inch Pawtitas Reflective Dog Harness adjusts for a chest size of 15 to 22-inches; Suitable for a small breed dog.

Unlike the above choices, which were mostly about larger canines. This here is solely devoted to serve the smaller dogs. As the smaller dogs are easier to lift and they are more fidgety, they are better kept free from easily warming up.

The Pawtitas comes with a simple design along with few straps which helps more breathable air for the dog. The price being so affordable, you and your pooch can adopt a new look every season. Why every season? Because when they come in 13 colors, you would choose the best harness to show off your pooch in the gatherings.

Pawtitas Pet Soft Adjustable Step-In Reflective Puppy / Dog Harness Small 5/8 Inch Pink


The list is decided through researching the reviews of numerous consumers. Their follow-ups have made this line up of products and improved to such a great extent. The future will surely bring better and more reliable products for you and your dog to enjoy hiking.

The best of the product might be a tad bit expensive, but would you even consider the safety of your dog over money?

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