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10 Health Benefits of Dog Toys for Puppies
Apart from taking walks with our dogs in which we run, chase, play and lie on the grass with them,[...]
Dog Feeding Schedule -What Owners Should Know?
When thinking about the best diet for your dog, you can do it in many ways, as long as you[...]
What Has Black Friday and Christmas in Store for Your Dog? Search Now!
For most of us, our dogs are part of the family. In various surveys conducted, pet owners say over and[...]
10 Crucial Tips For Hiking A Mountain With Your Dog
There are numerous different activities you can do with your dog that makes owning one pretty great. However, one of[...]
Lоуаl and Smart Poodle:Bernedoodle
Bernedoodle-Quick InformationOrigin:SwitzerlandDescription:Look vary in different dogs,strong, muscular teddy bears Long ears, different colorsTemperament:playful and affectionateWeight:10 tо 90 роundѕHeight:10 tо 29[...]
The Utonagan – A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing
Utonagan - Quick InformationOrigin:AmericaDescription:Wolf-like,thick coat brown, white or blackTemperament:Gentle, non-aggressiveWeight:Between 25-50kgHeight: 60-85cmLife expectancy: About 13 yearsLitter size:4-8 puppiesExercise: High need[...]
How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away
You have probably wondered how to keep your dog from running off a couple of times. Dogs like to dash[...]
How to Save your Dog from Heat Stroke?
During the spring months and summers, temperatures rise so much that we even encourage ourselves to go to the beach[...]
Whеn Thе Dog Bаrkѕ on Bеіng Exсіtеd How Would You Cаlm It?
Let's face іt, dоgѕ bаrk. Barking in itself is not wrong; іt іѕ nаturаl. However, excessive amounts of bаrkіng or[...]
Your Kyi Leo Dog – A Sweet and Happy Companion
Kyi Leo Dog- Quick InformationOrigin:California, AmericaDescription:Small dog, with silky hair ,Beard and whiskers. Black and white coloringTemperament:Very sweet and affectionateWeight:4-6[...]
Causes & Home Remedies Epiphora in Dogs
The owners are always responsible for their four-legged friends, and this implies not neglecting any aspect and no need of[...]
As a Pet Owner-You Should Know about Vacuum for Pet Hair!
The moment you come to know that a cute little pet is about to be a part of your family,[...]

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